Commissioners eye paying Genoa town board members |

Commissioners eye paying Genoa town board members

Staff reports

Douglas County Commissioners may be willing to consider paying Genoa Town Board members just so they can keep the jobs filled.

Two board members resigned in July, and the county solicited applications from any town residents interested in completing the unexpired terms of the departed officials. No one had answered as of Thursday, when the county commission was to appoint replacements.

The commission accepted a suggestion by Commissioner Bernie Curtis to extend the application period for 30 days and “hope like the dickens we get a couple applicants.”

Michael Miluck, one of the three remaining town board members, told the commission he thinks the town board should remain at three, but if five are needed, paychecks might keep the seats occupied.

“I personally don’t think we should have a five-man board. We have a hard enough time getting three,” he said. Two seats were added to the town board in 1998.

Outside of the meeting, Miluck said a monthly stipend of $250 would be fair. He said Minden and Gardnerville town board members get that amount, and even though Genoa is smaller than either of those towns, board members stay busy planning for the annual Candy Dance, which supplies most of the town’s revenue.

“I think when you consider the amount of work we do with Candy Dance versus how much money it raises, some pay is justified,” he said.

The county commission will revisit the issue Sept. 2. District Attorney Scott Doyle said he will research the procedures for paying town board members, as well as reducing the board from five to three members.