Cold front brings wind, fine dust to Carson Valley today, very cold temperatures tonight |

Cold front brings wind, fine dust to Carson Valley today, very cold temperatures tonight

Fine dust from Nevada's playas reduces visibility in Carson Valley on Sunday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand

Unhooking hoses, draining irrigation systems, wrapping outdoor plumbing and saying goodbye to those outdoor sensitive plants should be the order of the day for Carson Valley residents today as a cold front approaches from the north.

Temperatures are forecast to be 15-25 degrees colder than Saturday with the high in Minden forecast to hit 49 degrees today, and 47 on Monday.

More concerning is tonight’s forecast low of 12 degrees, which is the sort of cold that freezes pipes solid.

Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing at 9 p.m. today and continue to dip, hitting 20 degrees by 2 a.m. Monday and hitting 12 degrees around 7 a.m.

Winds will be out of the northwest 10-15 mph shifting northeast later this morning, bringing dust from the playas into Carson Valley.

Visibility dropped down to 2.5 miles at Fallon Naval Air Station at 2 a.m. Sunday.

It has officially been more than two months since the last measurable precipitation in Minden, or most of Carson Valley for that matter.

Western Nevada has been so dry that light dust blowing off the desert sinks has hovered in Western Nevada valleys bringing hazy conditions.

National Weather Service records indicate .12 inches of rain fell in the Douglas County seat on Aug. 24.

Since then there has been no rain or snow in Carson Valley or the Sierra, and October looks likely to lay another goose egg.

There have only been three years since 1906 when both September and October have shown no moisture falling in Minden, 1917, 1954 and 1995.

A lack of moisture and gusting winds has prompted a red flag warning in the Tahoe Basin 5 p.m. today through 5 p.m. Monday. Winds will blow 15-20 mph, gusting to 30-35 mph with 70 mph gusts likely along the Sierra Crest.

The front is expected to arrive in southern Mono County 11 a.m. today with a red flag warning lasting until 5 a.m. Tuesday, bringing 15-25 mph winds, gusting to 40 mph.