Clerk to bill districts for elections |

Clerk to bill districts for elections

A voter in the Gardnerville Ranchos is worth $1.05, while one in Johnson Lane is closer to 60 cents based on the districts that serve them.

The county will bill each district 15 cents per voter to help pay for keeping track of voters, according to Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis.

“Voter maintenance includes maintenance cost of our software, processing any change in voters (address change, new voters, voters that have moved) and maintaining the signature and change file to verify voters on Election Day,” Lewis said. “I can tell you that voter maintenance is the work that we do all the time and we do spend more than we will collect from the 15 cents per voter per district.”

She said the additional cost will be paid by the county out of the general fund.

Lewis said that in cases where voters are part of more than one district, such as the Gardnerville Ranchos which has at least seven elected districts, the office will collect for each.

“We are constantly reading and re-reading statutes to ensure we are in compliance with the law,” she said. “As such, we are starting to charge for voter maintenance and seek reimbursement for election expenses this year.”

Bills will go out on July 1, she said.

In addition, Lewis said the office will be charging districts for elections, but only if there are candidates on the ballot.

“We are not allocating our permanent staff to election expenses, we are only seeking reimbursement for printing sample ballots, temporary election worker costs and supplies,” she said.

Based on a review of 2016 election costs, she said this year’s election will cost the Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District about $2,500, while the Town of Minden’s election will cost $1,000.

She said she sent letters to all the improvement districts, the fire districts, the school districts and the town.

There really isn’t a recourse for those districts, since state law requires that elections be conducted by the county clerk.

The primary election is June 12. Early voting starts May 26. Local elections for sheriff, assessor, county commissioner and public administrator are on the primary ballot.

None of the towns or district elections appear on the primary ballot, this year.