Clerk seeking election workers |

Clerk seeking election workers

With the lowest unemployment rates in years, lots of people are looking for workers, but Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis is making a pitch for election workers who have a way with technology.

“We’re looking for election workers who are computer literate and who are critical thinkers,” she said.

When Lewis was appointed clerk-treasurer, the county still had paper poll books. Voters would go to their precinct, have their names looked up and sign next to their name, which the worker would match.

In 2018, the county upgraded to digital poll books that allowed the county to set up election centers. Since all of the books were linked, voters didn’t have to go to a specific polling place to cast a ballot.

But the implementation drove a search for workers who were more comfortable with technology.

With same-day registration, those skills will be more valuable than ever for election workers, especially since people will be able to register or alter their registration right there.

At the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, Lewis asked businesspeople to think about ways they could help in recruiting workers.

She said that state law changed this year to allow students 16 years or older to help with elections.

Previously, they were only allowed one student per polling place, but the Legislature opened that up.

“We love students,” she said. “We found those students could check in voters three or four times faster than anyone else. The students loved helping.”

Adults must be registered to vote and can’t be a candidate or related to a candidate.

Election workers apply for the position through Douglas County human resources and are paid $12 an hour. They receive five hours of training.

“It’s not long-term employment for (students) but it is some money in their pockets and it’s a great experience for them.”

It will also be a long day starting at 5:30 a.m. and wrapping up 8:30 p.m. on Election Day.

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