Civil Air Patrol holds glider program with cadets in Palomino Valley |

Civil Air Patrol holds glider program with cadets in Palomino Valley

by Gary Swift

The Civil Air Patrol took a big step toward developing a CAP Glider Program for Nevada when it designated Vern Frye as the state’s first CAP Glider Check Pilot.

An experienced flight instructor, Frye also serves as the Soaring Society of America (SSA) State Governor for Nevada. He was designated as a CAP Glider Check Pilot by the CAP Nevada Wing Commander, Colonel Carl Carothers. In his first official CAP capacity, Frye provided Glider Orientation “GO” flights for eight top-performing cadets at the Summer Nevada Training Encampment. The eight GO flights took place at Air Sailing Gliderport, which is home to the Nevada Soaring Association. The gliderport is north of Sparks in the Palomino Valley, where it offers a classic combination of Great Basin Desert soaring conditions.

The flying youths each enjoyed more than 30 minutes of “stick and rudder” time, as part of the CAP’s cadet flight orientation program. None of these cadets had ever been in a glider before, and all were impressed with the Schweizer trainers they flew.

“This was a wonderful experience for our cadets,” said Encampment Commander Captain Dennis Rosenberg of Gardnerville. “We’re looking forward to having more GO flights next year.”

Lieutenant Gary Swift, also of Gardnerville, credited Major Shyle Irigoin with helping Vern Frye complete the CAP membership process in time to provide the GO flights for this year’s encampment. Swift is looking toward the future growth of the glider program.

“One of our next big steps will be to qualify some more glider orientation pilots,” he said. “Qualified CAP members who want to fly cadets will need to pass a check flight with Vern Frye first.”

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