Church adds contemporary service |

Church adds contemporary service

Staff Reports

Carson Valley United Methodist Church is adding another Sunday service starting today.

The new contemporary service is 12:45 p.m. Sundays.

“There are many services every weekend at many different churches at many different times in our Carson Valley, many of which are pretty much just the same old thing where ever you go,” choir director Mark Dorio said. “We saw a spiritual hole in our community, and we therefore responded by creating a contemporary worship service that we hope will not only appeal to youth and young families, but also to anyone else looking for perhaps a more energetic and musically enhanced worship service in which to join in fellowship.”

Dorio, said what he hopes to bring and develop is a revitalization of spiritual growth by incorporating contemporary Christian music throughout the service.

“For the most part, the general aspects of any regular United Methodist Church worship service will all be present including the following: a time for fellowship through prayer, an offering, a sermon, and the sharing of Holy Communion during the service on the first Sunday of each month,” he added. “What makes this new service so different is that there will virtually be some form of contemporary worship music during all parts of the service. The other major musical difference is that we are opening our new choir up to the inclusion of light drums, percussion, keyboards, guitars, bass, and any other instrument that anyone wants to play that I can find a reasonable use for.”

Dorio described the type of contemporary music the choir will play as ranging from general Christian rock, to jazz, to blues, to Gospel, and anything else he thinks is able to be performed by the members of the choir.

“The only strict common denominator linking all of these songs together is that they all have faith-inspired lyrics, and that they all promote faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ,” he said. “I will be leading this choir from behind the piano mostly, but also most likely on keyboard or drums depending on the particular song, which leaves tremendous room and invitation for many differently gifted musicians to get involved and find a place in our choir, including other keyboardists or percussionists. All are invited to be a part of our new contemporary worship choir, and all are invited to attend the service itself, regardless of denomination or religious belief.”

The service will last for about one hour. The choir rehearsal for this service will be 11:40 to 12:40 p.m. Sundays in the church sanctuary.

For more information, call 782-4600.