Chruch offers For Men Only group |

Chruch offers For Men Only group

Staff reports

Living Hope Church offers the group For Men Only, the Courageous Fight for Healthy Sexuality, every week.

The group is for men who have issues dealing with sexual addiction and isolation and is led by men who have addressed these issues in their own lives and understand.

The goal of the group is to help men to turn to Christ and the church for their feelings of shame and guilt over sexual issues.

For Men Only operates from the basis that Western culture breeds isolation for men and sends the message that men can’t talk about their problems, particularly those that are based in feelings of shame and secrecy, says Ken Garber of Living Hope Ministries.

“There’s an unspoken message that man receives that says if you are wounded, do not tell anyone – just buck up and bear it,” Garber said. “In the shame of our wounds, we cloak ourselves in secrecy. We feel if anyone knew the depth of our flaws, we surely would be shunned. So rather than face rejection, we live in the self-imposed exile of our shame and secrecy.

“And shame and secrecy erode away all the good God intended for us to receive through our families and our relationship with Him.”

Garber said men who attend these group sessions are courageous.

“I look at every man who comes to For Men Only as courageous. When you come to find help for yourself or to learn how to help other men, you are a man more concerned with pursuing Christ than what someone may think. Now that’s courage.”

All men are welcome. For information, call 782-5455.