CCMES students take flight with reading |

CCMES students take flight with reading

Staff reports

Students are “taking flight” through reading during C. C. Meneley Elementary School’s reading incentive program.

Kids in grades kindergarten through 6th were treated to the annual kick-off assembly for the three-month reading program last week. This year’s theme, “Take Flight: Read,” tells students that “you can go anywhere through reading,” said Reading Specialist Laura Parsons.

All Meneley students and staff members may take part in the program. Everyone’s reading times are displayed on the monthly game board given to students and staff after the assembly.

Kindergarten and 1st graders read or are read to 10 minutes a day. Second and 3rd graders read 20 minutes a day, and 4th, 5th and 6th graders as well as staff members read for 30 minutes a day.

Students are rewarded with prizes at the end of each month’s session. This year, the Carson Valley Swim Center is donating a coupon for a free swim to each student who completes the required reading.

“If students read more, there are many benefits,” said Parsons. “They may become hooked on books for the first time. They discover new genres of books, explore other authors’ work, increase their reading vocabulary and improve their understanding of the world.”

Parsons said that research has shown more reading improves students’ comprehension test scores dramatically.

Besides monthly prizes, students who do even more reading than required may enter a reading raffle of an airplane ride with 5th grade teacher and pilot Ron Lynch.

Several students participated in the production of the assembly. It began with a dance by Lisa Raker, Jennifer Altig and Amber Frozard, who study jazz dance at the Academy of Dance Arts.

Dancers Erin Schell and Alyssa Villigen led the dance line. It ended with a R-E-A-D dance cheer led by Nicole Synder, Laura Rothstein and Bailey Grable, who study dance with Ann Robison.

Adventures in reading were presented by Toni Gumm’s 2nd graders complete with costumes as they acted out the song, “Stories,” from “Beauty and the Beast,” with special thanks to substitute teacher Gayle Silva for making sure all the finishing touches were in place, Parsons said.