CCMES art to be on display next week |

CCMES art to be on display next week

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“Art: Wall to Wall” is the theme of C.C. Meneley Elementary School’s third annual student art show coming next week.

“Every hall is covered with art, floor to ceiling,” said art teacher Dave Reil, who said the artwork comes from art classes taught during the first semester of school and from all grades, kindergarten through 6th.

The projects displayed demonstrate the various art skills being taught, Reil said. Art classes are skill-based and progressive – which means the students learn new skills each year that are based on their knowledge gained in the previous year.

Elementary schools offer one semester of art and one semester of music each year.

Students work with basic materials and lots of their own imagination.

“I have a budget,” Reil said, “and a lot of it is cheap watercolors and cheap paper. I do buy a few special things, but our budget is pretty slim It’s amazing what you can do with some tempura paint and cheap paper and brushes and some instruction and the kids’ imagination.”

The children just need a little help, he added.

“Kids are so uninhibited. They do wonderful things. You kind of get them going and they’re all successful.

“That’s the fun part.”

The children learn skills such as drawing and the use of positive and negative space. They learn about the color spectrum and how black and white are not colors. They learn to follow directions and use patterns.

One kindergarten class might do one project and another class another project, but the students would use learning the same cutting and pasting skills.

“I’m tickled with the art program,” said CCMES Principal Brian Frazier. “Mr. Reil goes above and beyond to pull this art show off.”

The evening begins with a brief introduction and overview of the art program at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 15.

The 6th grade art students will read a story and show the illustrations they made to go with it, then the school will be open for parents to look at the work, Reil said.

CCMES is located at 1446 Muir Dr., Gardnerville Ranchos.

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