Caucus reprimands Wheeler for remarks |

Caucus reprimands Wheeler for remarks

After a Sunday night meeting with the Assembly Republican Caucus, Assemblyman Jim Wheeler was officially reprimanded after his remarks about what he’d vote for sparked controversy last week.

“The Assembly Republican Caucus hereby reprimands Assemblyman Jim Wheeler for his offensive comments regarding slavery, and the relationship between Northern and Southern Nevada,” according to a release issued by the caucus this morning. “His comments were divisive and do not reflect the Republican values of the Caucus, and we wholeheartedly repudiate them in their totality.”

At an August Storey County Republican Central Committee meeting, Wheeler said that if his constituents wanted him to, he would vote for slavery.

The video was posted to You Tube by Storey County Republicans, where it remained for two months before someone watched it and alerted the media.

On Oct. 28, news reports of the video’s surfacing began to hit the media. Wheeler’s remarks were reported across the country and appeared on the Colbert Report.

A link to the 51-minute long video was sent out to journalists on Oct. 28.

In the video he says “I was hired to do a job, and what the people want me to do,” he said at minute 37. “So if it’s clear how constituents want me to vote, that’s how I’m going to vote. Yeah, I would. If that’s what they want, I’d have to hold my nose, I’d have to bite my tongue and they’d probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah, if that’s what the citizens want, the constituency wants.”

On Friday, the Douglas County Republican Central Committee approved a resolution supporting Wheeler.

“The Douglas County Republican Central Committee gives notice to all that The People of Douglas County choose their representatives, and that no longer will we ignore the corporate, media, and other interests that seek to undermine the will of The People by unethically twisting the message of our elected officials.”

On Saturday, the Lyon County Republican Central Committee approved a similar resolution.