Caucus locations announced |

Caucus locations announced

by Aurora Sain

Precinct Location

1. Douglas High School

2. Fish Springs Volunteer Fire Department

3. Gardnerville Volunteer Fire Department

4. Douglas Community & Senior Center

5. Genoa Volunteer Fire Department

6. James Lee Park

7. Douglas High School

8. Ranchos Volunteer Fire Department

9. St. Gall Catholic Church

10. Topaz Ranch Estates

11. Douglas High School

12. St. Gall Catholic Church

13. Sierra Lutheran High School

14. Douglas Community & Senior Center

15. Valley Douglas High School

16. Douglas High School

17. Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department

18-19. St. Gall Catholic Church

20. Douglas Community & Senior Center

21. Sierra Lutheran High School

22. Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department

23. Sunridge Volunteer Fire Department

24. Topaz Volunteer Fire Department

25. CVIC Hall

26-28. Douglas High School

29. Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department

30-31. Douglas Community & Senior Center

32-34. Sierra Lutheran High School

35-41. Whittell High School

Nevada Republicans are gearing up for the February caucus, which will help determine who to back for the presidential election.

The Republican caucus is taking place on Feb. 23 starting at 5 p.m. and running until 9 p.m.

There are 41 precincts in Douglas County and 41 separate caucus meetings in various locations throughout the county.

In order to participate in the caucus, you must be registered as a Republican on or before Feb. 13.

A government issued photo identification is required at the caucus in order to participate.

During the caucus, the presidential preference poll will take place, which will give voters an opportunity to speak on behalf of their candidates.

Voting in the preference poll is done by secret ballot until 9 p.m. and then the votes will be counted and communicated to the County Central Committee.

Military absentee ballots will also be counted and added to the results.

At a state level, results from all the counties will be added together and a statewide total will be announced.

The Republican County Convention will take place on March 26 at the Carson Valley Inn.

Delegates to the convention are elected at the precinct meeting.

The purpose of the convention is to adopt a county platform, adopt party resolutions, elect the County Central Committee and amend and adopt by-laws.

Visit to find a caucus location or contact the Douglas County Republican Headquarters at 782-4467.