Caruso injured in Colorado shooting |

Caruso injured in Colorado shooting

Staff reports

Kevin Caruso, son of Nick Caruso of Gardnerville, is feeling fine but still has a piece of metal under his arm following a shooting on Interstate 25 in Colorado.

Caruso, who was driving a converted school bus as he and his band Custom Made Scare were on route to do a show, sustained an injury when an unknown shooter fired at the bus.

The door of the bus shattered, according to Caruso’s father, injuring the driver. The other band members were shaken but uninjured. The band cancelled the tour and returned to Los Angeles, where Caruso expects to have the metal removed from under his arm.

It is estimated that doctors in Fort Collins, Colo., removed upwards of 30 pieces of metal from Caruso following the attack. They are unsure whether the metal remaining is a piece of the bullet or the bus door.

Caruso, who is a 1988 graduate of Douglas High School and played in bands in the area when he lived here, moved to LA shortly after graduation and has been playing music since then. He has appeared in a couple of movies as well, his father said.

Their album, “Greatest Show on Dirt,” featuring rock-a-billy music, can be heard on KGVM-FM in Carson Valley.