Carpet One offers Magic Carpet Time Tour at CCMES |

Carpet One offers Magic Carpet Time Tour at CCMES

by Stacey Francois

Students at C.C. Meneley Elementary School were among the first to take part in a new national literacy program sponsored by Roger’s Carpet One of Minden.

The traveling literacy-based production entitled “The Carpet One Magic Carpet Time Tour” brings to life favorite children’s stories to emphasize the fun and adventure reading can bring.

Developed with the help of elementary-level reading specialists, the program follows the adventures of “Al,” a lovable daydreamer, along with an all-knowing “Genie” and the “Director.”

The children sit on their own “magic carpet” squares as they watch the characters humorously portray stories including “The Tortoise and the Hare” and “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf.”

“I laughed!” said Barb Phillips, a second grade teacher from C.C. Meneley.

“They did a really great job of integrating characters and different types of stories.”

At the conclusion of the hour-long program, the kindergarten through 2nd grade students were each given a storybook to take home, while the teachers were also given a book and the “magic carpet” squares for their classroom libraries.

“I am thrilled to bring the Carpet One Magic Carpet Time Tour to C.C. Meneley Elementary School,” said Roger Pierce from Roger’s Carpet One. “This program reaches out to children. It shows them first-hand how fulfilling and exciting reading can be.”

The program began in response to current estimates from the U.S. Department of Education that 10 million American school children are poor readers and, yet, the “Information Age” makes acquiring good reading skills more important than ever.

Tour organizers hope to visit more than 600 schools in all 50 states by June 2001.