Caregiver support group is being formed in Valley |

Caregiver support group is being formed in Valley

Staff reports

A support group is being formed for caregivers in Carson Valley. Anyone who answers yes to the following questions may want to consider joining the new group.

Are you the primary caregiver of a loved one no longer able to take care or him- or herself?

Are you finding that the increasing responsibilities interfere with your family or social plans?

Is the responsibility of administering medications, love, support and care to your loved one overwhelming?

Do you feel the need to talk to someone who understands, who has “been there”?

Martie Graham-Jones, a family case manager at the Family Support Council, will facilitate the group.

“Although loved ones gladly accept the responsibility, the (caregiving) task can be overwhelming,” Graham-Jones said.

Caregivers find that they have less and less time to pursue hobbies, call friends, keep social commitments, even to shop.

“All the while,” Graham-Jones said, “caregivers feel guilt when they have feelings of being overwhelmed. After all, they agreed to take care of their loved one. And, someday, they may need that same degree of care.”

The new support group, which is also being sponsored by Summerville at Virginia Creek, is designed to offer discussion, emotional support and information.

Graham-Jones had been asked about where to attend a caregiver support group, and finding that the closest group is in Reno, she decided to start one in the Valley.

She says she understands caregiver burnout, as she has been there herself, caring for a terminally ill husband while holding a full-time job and raising two young children.

The Caregivers’ Support Group meetings will be held monthly at Summerville at Virginia Creek, 1565 Virginia Ranch Road, Gardnerville, starting July 27, 6:30 p.m.

For more information, call Graham-Jones at 782-8692.