CAP earns most improved award |

CAP earns most improved award

by Ellen Rosenberg

The Douglas County Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol is preparing for another active and successful year. Several Search and Rescue exercises are planned for this year and the second annual Hangar Dance will be held in June to raise funds for the growing squadron.

The Douglas squadron earned the honor of “most improved squadron” in the Nevada Wing for 1999. Captain Dennis Rosenberg received a national Civil Air Patrol award for his work with the cadets and the cadet program. The medal for “superior performance” was presented to Capt. Rosenberg by Civil Air Patrol National Commander Brigadier General James C. Bobick.

During the Douglas County Squadron awards ceremony, other members were recognized for their contributions as well.

Lt. Gary Swift was chosen as the most improved officer of the year. He is the aerospace education officer for the cadet program and is actively pursuing obtaining a glider program.

“Douglas County is known for its world class soaring. What better place to learn than here,” said Lt. Swift.

Lt. Roger Smith was awarded the “search and rescue officer of the year” plaque. He has contributed significantly to the improvement and simplification of procedures in the operations department of the squadron’s search base. These improvements will help the efficient and smooth running of the search base for future missions.

Capt. Louise Uttinger was chosen as the “observer of the year.” She was a member of the aircrew that spotted a downed Mooney on Iceberg Peak, Calif., last fall during a search and rescue mission.

Capt. Ard Heffernan was selected as “pilot of the year” for the squadron. He is a certified flight instructor, a standard evaluation pilot and serves as a pilot for the cadet orientation flight program.

Capt. Dennis Rosenberg and Lt. Ellen Rosenberg both received the award for “senior member of the year.” They contributed significantly toward the preparation for the squadron’s first Air Force inspection.

The highest squadron award, “the commander’s award,” was given to Lt. Keri Callison. She has enthusiastically taken on the position of deputy commander of cadets. She also volunteered to be the chairperson of the hangar dance committee, which ultimately proved to be a successful fund-raiser for the squadron. Hangar Dance 2000 will take place in June with its theme centering around the South Pacific theatre. The music of the 1940s will again be featured, along with aircraft from that era.

Anyone who wishes to visit or become a part of this organization should contact Deputy Commander Capt. Dennis Rosenberg at 265-6679 or recruitment officer Lt. Connie Glashan at 885-8789. For cadet programs, contact Lt. Keri Callison at 783-9191.