Candymakers start on second 1,000 pounds in Genoa |

Candymakers start on second 1,000 pounds in Genoa

Staff reports

The candymakers are starting on the second thousand pounds, the roads are scheduled to be closed for Candy Dance weekend Sept. 25 and 26 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Candy Dance tickets are now on sale at the Genoa Town Office, the Genoa Country Store and the Genoa Gallery and Coffee House, all in Genoa on Main Street just south of the four-way stop.

Martha Williams and Laurie Hickey, candy co-chairmen, have been working with volunteer candymakers days and occasional evenings to turn out the poundage. Genoa area has a group of teens and preteens who have produced the pounds of great candy before school started, according to Williams. Some of the young candy makers from Genoa and other parts are Brittney Askay, Amanda Cummins, Kim Gelderman, Kaitlin Greek, Missy Kaplan, Sarah King, Traci Kuckenmeister, Kate Nickles, Priscilla and Megan Sells, Staci Sullivan, Christine Timmons, Melissa Whitman of Sparks and Bryce Winters of Southern California.

Both Hickey and Janice Hansen are the third generation of candymakers; the grandmothers and mothers of both women made candy for the Candy Dance in years past. Shannon Hickey is a fourth generation worker.

The co-chairmen are working with the Ridge Eagles, employees of the Ridge Tahoe, who have organized into teams to make candy during Mondays and Tuesdays when the kitchen is closed. Among those working are Diane Sewell, wife of Resorts West and Quintus Resorts Executive Vice President Bob Sewell; Assistant Resort Manager Deborah Hoshell; accountants and people from the corporate office; Ridge Tahoe Executive Chef Randy Barr; Transportation Manager Butch Larson, who organized a special shuttle so that the housekeepers could make candy; and Assistant Reservations Manager Lisa Ramsey-Simpson and her husband, executive chef at Lake Tahoe’s Fresh Catch, volunteered to use his kitchen.

The group has invited outsiders, spouses, friends and neighbors and has employees from every department making candy. The Ridge Eagles makes volunteering easy and available.

Coordinating the effort is Diana Schmelzer of Personnel, 588-3553.

At Genoa Lakes, Tiffani Lindsay and Melissa Griboski are making truffles for the Candy Dance.

There is still a large amount of candy to be made and volunteers, experienced and beginners, are welcome. For schedules of candymaking days and hours, contact the town office, 782-8696; Williams, 782-4951; or Hickey, 782-2893. If you have several friends who want to work with you, it may be possible to set up an evening schedule in addition to Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, plans are continuing on the closing of roads into Genoa Sept. 25 and 26 from 9 a.m until 6 p.m. each day. Fair visitors are urged to use Genoa Lane, and special arrangements have been made for residents of Genoa, who will be issued “resident passes” and for golfers. Golfers from the Lake will be routed Muller Lane to Highway 395 and then Genoa Lane to Kinsey Way, which they will use as a cutoff to Jacks Valley Road.

Foothill Road will be closed south of the new Genoa Post Office, Genoa Lane will be closed about 100 yards east of Kinsey Way and Jacks Valley Road will be closed at the Genoa Cemetery.

Parking is available at all closures, with shuttle buses to the fair.