Trivitt celebrates 30 years with Allstate |

Trivitt celebrates 30 years with Allstate

Members of the Stacy Trivitt Allstate Insurance staff in Gardnerville are seen from left, Shannon Archer, Peggy Pedrojetti, Bambi Hemmah, Stephanie Murry, Paige Rowen, Sandy Trivitt and Stacy Trivitt. Not pictured is Juliana Hart, financial specialist.
Courtesy of Stacy Trivitt Allstate Insurance |

An interesting turn of events led Stacy Trivitt to opening his Allstate Insurance agency in Gardnerville on Sept. 7, 1987.

Thirty years later, the Northern Nevada native simply smiles when he says he couldn’t have ended up in a better place.

“It feels like just yesterday when we opened our doors,” said Trivitt, 52, who still owns and operates his agency in the historic Manoukian Professional Courtyard at 1466 US Highway 395 North. “This milestone with Allstate is very important to me. I enjoy getting to know so many families in Gardnerville and thank each and every one for supporting my business.”

Then again, life has not exactly turned out the way he envisioned coming out of Carson City, where he was born and raised. He bounced around from one college to another — from San Diego, to the University of Nevada as well as Truckee Meadows and Western Nevada community colleges — had a job with Granite Construction and was engaged to be married when that turn of events occurred.

“My plan was to be a civil engineer and I was already doing some estimating,” Trivitt said. “I really liked the work, but I was working 75, 80 hours a week and she said, ‘Well, I guess we’ll just call off the engagement.’ It was pretty dramatic, but I got to thinking, ‘Is this what I want to do the rest of my life?’ I was kind of heartbroken, love sick and everything else, so I gave my two weeks notice and threw myself into school.”

And he has never looked back. Trivitt got back together with his fiancée, Sandy, they were married in June 1987, he finished his degree from Bethany College (based in Dothan, Ala.) in July and opened the doors to his business — a full-service office that offers auto, home, business, life, retirement and disability insurance — in a building that had served as the community’s hospital early in the century.

“It’s crazy,” Trivitt said with a laugh. “I was 22 years old and one of the youngest Allstate agents hired at the time. I started bright-eyed and bushy-tailed … I was just thrilled to be in Gardnerville.”

Trivitt was introduced to the insurance business when he began part-time work in Carson City with his brother-in-law, Gary Lafleur, and one thing sort of led to another.

“I always considered myself to be reclusive, but I was just shy,” Trivitt said. “I discovered that one-on-one, I really enjoyed it. It was problem solving, helping people out and getting to know people, and I had a knack for it.”

Trivitt said Gardnerville was the location of his choice, because of family ties to Carson Valley.

“My aunt and uncle, Fred and Annzelle Horsley, lived here,” he said. “They were the quintessential aunt and uncle — they came to all the kids’ baseball and football games, you name it. In fact, we just went pine nut hunting with them a week ago. My aunt would take me fishing with my cousins, Fred and Keena; we’d go to Walley’s or we’d fish these little creeks coming off the Sierra. It was like summer camp over here and I just loved it.”

There have been no regrets from a family or professional standpoint.

“We’ve just been so blessed in so many ways … the teachers, the schools and the coaches they’ve had throughout the years,” said Trivitt, whose three sons (Seth, Spencer and Shane) have all attended Douglas County schools. “And being able to coach in this Valley, being able to support people in need, it’s just such a tight-knit community. When the chips are down, people really pull together in this community.”

Trivitt pointed out that after severe wind storms whipped through Northern Nevada in February 2015, his office alone had more than 400 claims.

“We flew in 24 catastrophe adjusters for Northern Nevada, and 20 of them ended up down here,” Trivitt said. “To a man and woman, they all said they had never been to a place like this before. They talked about how nice the people were and how contractors were honest. In my mind, it really re-certified what a great community we live in.”

Trivitt obviously watched the news when he followed the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and then Hurricane Irma in Florida and noted that the effects will be felt nationwide.

“That’s a huge challenge for them to deal with,” he said. “The manpower alone is the biggest challenge. Having the contractors and enough people and resources to do the job, that’s going to have rippling effects throughout the country.”

It just goes to show adversity can occur anytime or anywhere. It could be health-related, an accident, weather or just the elements of Northern Nevada, Trivitt explained.

“We have high winds, really by definition, hurricane force winds, almost on an annual or semiannual basis,” Trivitt said. “We’ve been hit hard — February of ’15, December of ’14, February of ’17 — those were all pretty devastating wind losses.

“You know, where we live, the high desert is not for sissies,” he added with a laugh.

While Trivitt enjoys supporting customers in their time of need, he was quick to point out there have been times when his own family received support from the community.

“When our oldest son (Seth) was 8 weeks old, he went into cardiac arrest and was on life support at Washoe Med,” Trivitt recalled. “He had a procedure when he was 14 or 15 that corrected the issue with his heart, so he’s 100 percent healthy now. But at that time, I was very humbled by all the support we had, and the beauty of being in this community is all the people who genuinely care.”