Taxable sales sluggish in January |

Taxable sales sluggish in January

While taxable sales were up in January compared to the prior year, Douglas County’s 4.3 percent increase was the state’s most sluggish growth.

Merchants raked in $56.87 million in taxable sales during the first month of 2019, bringing the fiscal year up to $477 million.

The recent separation of accommodations from food services and drinking places has resulted in a 20 percent drop in what was long the county’s strongest category to $10. 2 million. Adding in the $2.8 million in accommodations, shows the number up slightly over last year’s $12.97 million. Most of that is generated by the Stateline casinos.

General merchandise stores, which includes the county’s two Walmarts and a Target, experienced a rare dip in January, bringing in $7.2 million in sales, down 2 percent from $7.3 million last year.

Building materials and garden equipment moved into third place for the county with $3.86 million in sales, up 29 percent, thanks in part to mild weather.

The county’s manufacturing sector took a 28.4 percent hit with merchant wholesalers of durable goods taking in $3.2 million during January, down from $4.49 million the year before.

Somehow, with only one small car lot, Douglas County generated $2.8 million in the motor vehicles and parts dealers, up 7.2 percent.

Douglas County does not benefit from an increase in its taxable sales since the state guarantees it a certain amount of revenue. That addition is generated in the counties that produce more sales tax than they spend, including Clark and Washoe counties.

Clark County saw $3.5 billion in taxable sales during January while Washoe merchants had $710 million during the same month.

Carson City saw a 15.9 percent increase in taxable sales to $93.9 million, thanks in part to preparations for the Legislature’s opening in February.