Taxable sales show Douglas’ last good month |

Taxable sales show Douglas’ last good month

The last report on taxable sales before the coronavirus cliff shows Douglas merchants were doing rousing business.

The county experienced a 27.2 percent jump to $65.6 million for the month of February, according to the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Douglas merchants brought in $65.6 million during the month, up from $51 million the same month in the prior month.

Part of the increase was driven by one of the county’s largest sectors, general merchandise stores. The category brought in $11.46 million up 70 percent. The category, that includes sales at two Douglas Walmarts and the Target, rose to the highest in the county for the first time.

Food services and drinking places brought in $9.6 million during the month, up 4.3 percent. The related accommodations sector brought in $3.5 million during the month, up 38.6 percent.

Building material and garden equipment sellers brought in $4.2 million in taxable sales during the month.

Motor vehicle and parts brought in $3.6 million, as did merchant wholesalers of durable goods.

Nonstore retailers brought in $4.8 million, more than double last year’s amount. The sector includes Amazon and other online retailers.

Douglas County receives $284,839 more than it collects in sales and other taxes.

Gaming numbers released last week offered a preview for what March taxable sales numbers will look like, with a 43-percent drop during March both at Stateline and in the Valley.

Stateline casinos raked in $9 million before the casinos were shut down on St. Patrick’s Day, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Casinos in the East Fork and Carson City townships brought in $5.2 million.

Unemployment numbers for March showed the number of Douglas jobless climbing 6.3 percent with 21,910 employed and 1,475 jobless. Those numbers will show an increase in April, if initial claims are an indicator. According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, 412,211 initial unemployment claims were filed in the first four months of year. As of April 25, 274,850 people were on the jobless rolls.