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Take out still going in Carson Valley

Staff Reports

As a service to our readers we are updating this list.

Fast-food restaurants with drive-throughs or whose business consists primarily of take-out or delivery are continuing to operate, as are the county’s delis.

Call to order, or find out whether take-out is being offered.


Chicago Mikes 775-392-1638

El Aguila Real 775-884-9394

Overland Restaurant & Pub 775-392-1369

JT Basque Bar & Dining Room 775-782-2074

Jerry’s Grill 775-392-2889

Saku Sushi and Grill 775-782-3302

Pho Chop Stix 783-8888

Jasmine Thai Restaurant 317-848-8950

Gardnerville Ranchos

Carson Valley Country Club 265-3715

Jethro’s Oven and Grill 775-265-2215

Grill Next Door 775-265-8841

Philadelphia Seafood & Italian Cuisine 775-392-3370

CoComoes Catering 775-392-0404

Slice of Heaven 775-392-3851


Genoa Country Store 775-782-5974

Genoa Station Bar & Grille 775-783-1599

The Pink House 775-392-4279

Sierra Chef 775-392-4417


Full Belly Deli 775-782-5430

Francisco’s Mexican Restaurant 775-782-6496

Louie’s Mandarin Gourmet 775-392-3664

El Agaveño 775-392-4136

Wild Horse Bar & Grill 775-782-7208

Fuentes Restaurant & Cantina 775-392-4265

Amerikan Ni Sushi 775-783-1112

Khristophers Ristorante & Bar 775-267-4809

Minden Meat and Deli 775-783-9999

Taildragger (775) 782-9500

Johnson Lane General Store (Pizza) 775-267-2265