Stateline casinos end winning streak |

Stateline casinos end winning streak

The Stateline casinos ended a three-month winning streak, stumbling in July, according to numbers released by the Nevada Department of Gaming Control on Friday.

This year saw a 14.76 percent drop in the gaming win compared to July 2016.

The casinos raked in $23.8 million during the month, down from $27.9 million last year.

That was the largest decrease in the state.

The chief source of gaming revenue for Douglas County, the casinos are coming off a fiscal year where they won $223 million, a 7.37 percent increase. That's attributable in part to a record winter that drew skiers to the resort town.

Casinos in the East Fork Township and Carson City, which are combined by the state for reporting purposes, saw an 8 percent jump during July 2017 with a win of $9.5 million.

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Unemployment numbers ticked upward during July, with the jobless rate hitting 4.5 percent.

There were more people employed in the county during the month than at any time since February, but the number without jobs also climbed during the month.

According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, 21,644 Douglas County residents had jobs, up 110 from June. However, there were also 1,029 receiving unemployment benefits, up from 988 in June.

The number of unemployed doesn't include those whose benefits have expired or those who aren't looking for work.