Shoulder season sales up, gaming down |

Shoulder season sales up, gaming down

Taxable sales popped up in October in Douglas County, according figures released by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

County merchants reported $67 million in sales during the month, up 8.8 percent for October 2018.

Merchant wholesalers of durable goods made $4.9 million in sales, up 19.5 percent over the previous year. The category led a generally positive manufacturing sector during the month.

Food services and drinking places continued its position as the county’s largest sector based largely on the Stateline casinos. Taxable sales were up 2 percent to $9.4 million. Accommodations posted a 19.5 percent increase to $2.7 million.

General merchandise stores, including Douglas County’s two Walmarts and a Target also were up 2 percent to $8.6 million, according to the state.

Nonstore retailers reported $5.8 million in sales during the month, up from $2.4 million the same month last year. That may be more due to increased reporting than an increase. Nevada cracked down on including sales tax for online sales effective October 2018.

The county’s building boomlet slowed down in October with taxable sales of building material, flattening out to $4.7 million during the month. Furniture and home furnishing stores brought in $1.8 million in sales. Nevada guarantees Douglas County a certain level of revenue, which is higher than the sales tax collected in the county.

While relatively kind to taxable sales, shoulder season was rough on gaming in November, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Stateline casinos posted a 19.17 percent decline in November, bringing in $13.8 million, down fro $17.1 million last year.

Carson Valley casinos were down 2.1 percent to $8.78 million. The state combines casinos in East Fork and Carson City townships for that measurement.

Douglas County unemployment remained stable at 3.4 percent in November, with the number of jobless workers down to 799, the lowest number all year.

According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, there were 22,456 workers in Douglas County down almost 300 from October. The number of jobless were down 27 from the previous month.

The state removed 320 people from the county’s labor pool. Jobless numbers do not reflect workers whose benefits have stopped or who aren’t looking for employment.