Sales tax gets another bump from Bently Heritage project |

Sales tax gets another bump from Bently Heritage project

April saw another big bump in taxable sales in the beverage and tobacco product manufacturing sector.

The sector is up 1,000 percent so far in the fiscal year, with $22.75 million in sales, $4.78 million of that in April.

Much of that is attributed to the Bently Heritage distillery project purchases of equipment.

Another booming sector is amusement, gambling and recreation industries, which brought in $4.3 million in April.

So far that sector has doubled its taxable sales this fiscal year to $17.4 million.

That made up for a drop in the county’s largest sector, food services and drinking place, which brought in $11.4 million, down 2.6 percent from April 2017. That sector is up 4.2 percent so far for the fiscal year, which ended June 30.

General merchandise stores, including both Douglas County Walmarts and the Target, showed a 1.5 percent increase over April 2017. They brought in $7.73 million.

Building materials, garden equipment and supplies were up 7.7 percent to $4.5 million

Merchant wholesalers of durable goods were up 35 percent to $4.6 million.

Douglas County is a guaranteed county, which means it receives the same amount of money from the state regardless of how much sales tax it brings in. During the month, the county brought in $909,131 in sales tax, while it received $1.2 million from the state.

The key source of gaming revenue in the county, the Stateline casinos, brought in $18 million during May, according to figures released last week. That’s an increase of 1.14 percent over May 2017. With one more month to go in the fiscal year, Stateline casinos have brought in $208 million.

Meanwhile, casinos in the East Fork Township and Carson City brought in $9.9 million in May 2018, a 15.58 percent increase over the previous year.