Retail sales take lead in Douglas |

Retail sales take lead in Douglas

Taxable sales climbed 5.2 percent in Douglas County during November, according to figures released by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

General merchandise stores took the lead as the county’s largest sector, bringing in $10 million in sales during the month that included Black Friday. That was an increase of 4 percent over November 2017. Douglas County is home to two Walmarts and a Target.

Traditionally the county’s strongest sector, food services and drinking places was down 25 percent to $8.3 million, due in part to a change in accounting. Generated largely by the Stateline casinos, accommodations accounted for $2.1 million in taxable sales in November, up from $739 last year. Food services and drinking places generated $10.9 million in November 2017, slightly more than the two sectors combined this year.

Building materials and garden equipment and supplies continued strong with a 32 percent increase to $4.2 million. Electronics and appliance stores posted a 16.1 percent increase to $3.2 million. Both sectors are related to the increase in building that occurred in the county during 2018.

County manufacturing showed a 7.3 percent decrease to $3.4 million for wholesalers of durable goods, while miscellaneous manufacturing was up to $883,247.

Collections of consolidated tax, which includes sales, tobacco and liquor taxes were $919,565, according to the state. Because the county doesn’t raise enough sales tax to support itself, it receives $1.2 million from the state that’s raised in counties with greater sales tax collections, such as Clark, Washoe and Carson.

It was a fairly dry December for another source of revenue in Douglas County, with the Stateline casinos down 9.1 percent compared to the same month in 2017.

The casinos brought in $16.8 million, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board figures released last week.

Stateline, which provides the lion’s share of Douglas County’s gaming revenues, is still up 3.7 percent for the fiscal year starting July 1. So far, the clubs raked in $125.4 million for the year.

Carson Valley casinos, which include those in East Fork Township and Carson City was up 1.55 percent to $9.5 million. So far they are up 3.63 percent.

December also saw the county’s unemployment rate rise to 4.4 percent with 66 workers added to the jobless rolls compared to November.

According to the state, there were 22,305 employed workers living in the county, with 1,023 unemployed.

Unemployment numbers do not account for workers whose benefits have run out or those who’ve stopped looking for work.