Pink House certified for historic preservation |

Pink House certified for historic preservation

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The Pink House, a registered historic landmark in Genoa announced Wednesday that the building has received the Historic Preservation Certification by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

Built in 1855 and located in the historic district of Genoa, The Pink House played a significant role in the history of Nevada and was home to Lillian Virgin Finnegan, founder of Candy Dance.

Dan and Lois Wray purchased the house in 2014 and engaged Jack Hall Construction to supervise the restoration.

Coordinating with the State Historical Preservation Office and Michelle Schmitter, a historic preservation specialist, work began in August 2014 and was completed in October 2015. With the exception of some materials that needed to be milled out of state, all work done on the house was by local craftsmen.

“The objectives of restoring The Pink House were to honor the original integrity of the house, be good stewards of our community and provide an opportunity for people to learn about the rich history of the area”, said Lois Wray.

She said that had they not undertaken the restoration, The Pink House would likely not be standing in five years.

In preserving and restoring the property, the guidelines stated by The Department of the Interior were closely followed.

Any features that were replaced due to previous damage were replaced in kind. Great care was taken to preserve the original footprint and features of the house, Wray said.

While some modernization did occur (electrical, plumbing, heating and air, wi-fi), the house has been restored to look as it did 160 years ago.

“The house is decorated how it would have looked during the Gothic Revival era,” Wray said. “Most of the antiques and artwork came from shops in Genoa and Gardnerville and the tables are made from wood reclaimed from the damaged back of the house. Some of the wallpaper is a reproduction by Bradbury and Bradbury, and the upholstery, window treatments, carpeting and wood floors are similar to what you would have seen in a prominent house back in the day.

The Pink House is now a Cheese and Charcuterie shop with a small restaurant featuring a seasonal menu to take advantage of local produce. It is also a venue for special events.

“The Pink House is more than just a shop though,” Wray said. “We’re committed to sharing the restoration efforts and the history of The Pink House, and encourage people to stop in and take a look.”