New Minden eatery beginning evolution |

New Minden eatery beginning evolution

by Tisa Coons
Special to The R-C
Sanchez Ranch Meat Company employee Kelly Gomez arranges caramel apples on the display case Thursday.
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Sanchez Ranch Meat Co. has added a new eatery into the culinary landscape of Minden. The small restaurant, located at 1734 Hwy. 395 next to Starbucks, boasts an array of different meats and a new menu of old-fashioned milkshakes, gourmet burgers and a French fry bar.

All the meat sold at the store are exclusively sourced from the Sanchez family ranch in Smith Valley, where the cattle is either grass or grain fed without any additional hormones, steroids or other added preservatives.

The shop’s opening stemmed from the needs of the community, said Brooke Sullivan, who manages the daily operations.

Prior to it open she created a variety of meat packages that she delivered to clients in Reno, Sparks, Minden, Gardnerville, Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

As a result, her meat packages created a demand for products while also building a loyal client base.

Sullivan said more and more steers were needed to keep up with the mounting orders.

It was during this time that she and her family started thinking outside the box in terms of catering to the community’s needs, such as offering butcher services and a place to purchase quality meat products and home-cooked comfort food.

The answer came in the form of the shop space, which is being leased by her father, John Sanchez.

He initially leased the space as a storage space for her delivery business but “it took a life of its own from there,” she said.

“We wanted to serve the community based on what they needed and not on what we thought they needed,” Sullivan said.

Although the small eatery has been open since late August, it is still evolving.

She said they will soon be unveiling a new menu in the next two weeks, which would allow them to provide high quality services on specific selections.

The restaurant’s menu is basd on a “grab and go” concept, Sullivan said. Its focus is gourmet build-your-own-burgers, old-fashioned milkshakes, cold and hot sandwiches, a fresh salad bar, French fry bar and a standard dessert. She added that five of their best selling burgers on the menu, including the Nevada, Campfire, Jalapeño Popper, Hawaii and Tex Mex, will still be available.

“When asked about the rationale behind the menu revision, she replied that they noticed that some clients were overwhelmed by the sheer array of choices. And that in order to streamline the choosing process, they decided to cater to each client’s specific predilection, i.e. each client can build the burger that they want to eat.“

Sullivan said some clients have been overwhelmed by the sheer array of choices.

Sullivan said the response to the new eatery has been enthusiastic.

“I could not have asked for a better reception from the community,” she said. “The response has been fantastic.”

Sullivan said she always listens to customers’ feedback on the products and menu.

Sanchez Meats has plans to provide a larger dining area for customers. In addition, benches are being built to be placed outside the entrance so clients can eat outside when the weather permits, she said.

The package-delivery portion of the business is also being redesigned.

A freezer truck is being purchased that will allow delivery of pre-purchased meat packages to centralized locations in cities such as Reno.

Customers will be able to meet the truck at a designated location to retrieve their pre-purchased meat packages instead of traveling to Minden to purchase them.

The revamped delivery system will take place once a month.

The location will be announced through the eatery’s numerous social media platforms.

Sullivan said in order to make up for removing their former dinner menu, clients can request to have their meats smoked in-house and available for pick up at a later time.

Customers must give at least an hours notice to thoroughly smoke the meat.

Sullivan said that Sanchez Meats is offering a holiday prime rib special, either fresh or smoked.

The smoked prime rib also comes with a 32-ounce container of beef broth. Clients have to pre-buy the rib at the eatery.