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JAG prepares students for life

DHS Principal Marty Swisher reads the installation of officers oath to JAG officers Connor Hightower, Braydon Abbot, Dallas Houk, McKinna Jackson and Isabel Goss Thursday night at Douglas High.
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Often times planning for life after high school can be scary and doesn’t’ always makes sense, but 44 students are more prepared than they ever thought possible through the new Jobs for America’s Graduates program at Douglas High School.

The high school held its first Jobs for America’s graduates initiation and installation ceremony Nov. 17 where students were recognized for their success and were inducted into the program.

The program helps students be successful throughout high school by giving them the skills they need to graduate and ones they can take with them into college and the workforce.

“This program basically focuses on giving students exactly what they need to graduate, but it doesn’t end after graduation,” said senior and JAG President Braydon Abbott. “The instructor keeps in touch with you for about six months after and guides you in what you will do after.”

“He wants to make us the best in the nation. It helps when you are coached by someone who cares and wants us to have successful happy lives.”Brandon Arrellano

Junior Cameron Sims said it’s a great class to take if you don’t know what to do with your future and Junior Toby Jacobson said it has helped him set goals for his future.

“It has helped me focus on what I want to do, set goals and how to go after it and be successful,“ Jacobson.

Sophomore and Public Relations and Media Director Isabel Goss said the program has taught her how to work with others.

“We find ways to work together and the situations we are put in helps us put aside our differences and allows us to work together,” she said. “It has made us into leaders.”

The students said their instructor has made the greatest impact on their success of the program.

“Mr. McGuire is a coach so he’s really competitive. You can tell he puts in the effort for us and wants to see us succeed, ” said sophomore Connor Hightower.

“He wants to make us the best in the nation,” added Brandon Arrellano. “It helps when you are coached by someone who cares and wants us to have successful happy lives.”

JAG teaches students many life skills such as how to dress for success, including how to tie a tie, how to talk to an employer and interview skills through team building exercises, impromptu speeches and more.

Rick McGuire, JAG Specialist, said the program has been sweeping highs schools throughout the nation but has only been introduced to Douglas High School this year.

“It’s only about 4-5 months old and we are basically starting from scratch,” said McGuire. “It has been a learning experience for all of us.”

Part of the program is the Career Association club where the students participate in fund raising and community service.

Students also have the opportunity to progress as students to officers and into society.

“All of the students are here because they want to be,” said McGuire. “The goal of the program is to get students to graduate and to be successful.”

JAG is something students can take with them after high school whether they are going to college, joining the workforce or enlisting in the military. Where ever they go JAG will be with them guiding them on the crazy journey called life.

“Not all of what we do may make sense,” said McGuire, “ but that is the point and the journey of the program.”