Independence Diner on schedule |

Independence Diner on schedule

by Aurora Sain
Executive Chef Ryan Hale and Owner Dru Himes will open the Independence Diner on, you guessed it, July 4th.
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With the election next week it seems that politics are the first thing on everyone’s mind, and one Valley business wants to go back in time to the introduction of this country.

Independence Diner will be opening on the Fourth of July at 1776 Highway 395, and they are right on track with completion of the restaurant.

They will be in the Carson Valley Days parade this weekend handing out to-go menus, candy and introducing themselves to the Valley.

Owner Dru Himes said that they have had several cars each day stop by the diner and ask when they are opening.

“We know by the vibe that people want us to open,” he said.

Independence Diner will also have people in the parking lot of the restaurant this weekend selling gift cards, raising money for the restaurant and getting people excited about the new venture.

Ryan Hale is the executive chef at the restaurant and he came up with a family-friendly menu complete with historically-themed names.

They will offer things like a battle born Benedict, Louisiana Purchase grilled Cajun snapper and the Lexington and Concord sandwich.

They will offer American cuisine with a cultural twist, to incorporate the melting pot of different food types that are offered in the United States.

Right now they are finalizing their staff and waiting on patio furniture, but for the most part the diner is near complete.

Customers can expect American themed décor and the staff will wear camouflage shirts that say 1776 with 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies.

Himes said that they are excited to offer a kid-friendly, nonsmoking, nonalcoholic and nongambling restaurant to families.

Hale said that they also plan to stay open later on football game days to try and cater to the high school students.

Both Hales and Himes will be present at Carson Valley Days, and hope to get people to come out to the opening in less than a month.

“We want to introduce people to the restaurant and get them excited about the opening,” said Hales.