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High-tech Zephyr Photonics expands facility to Minden

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Zephyr Photonics, an aerospace and military contractor, holds a grand opening at their new Minden location Tuesday afternoon. Pictured from left to right are employees and board members; General John Abizaid, Tim McAllister, Michael Hoag, Duane Louderback, George Lund and Chris Manning.

Light and glass are a lot more efficient means of transporting a signal than electricity and copper.

But large organizations like the military have invested heavily in gear that connects using traditional copper cables.

Zephyr Photonics makes cables and connectors that allow purchasers to use fiber optic cables without having to replace systems originally designed for copper cables.

Zephyr Photonics Vice President of Marketing Tim McAllister showed off a variety of items that use the company's cables to replace copper and electricity.

The company makes a chip that converts electrical signals to light for fiber optics and then back again, so fiber optic cable can be used for legacy systems.

Copper and electricity have a variety of issues, including weight, a requirement for shielding and other problems that limit its use.

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The fiber optic cable the company is using is far lighter. McAllister was able to lift a spool of 220 meters of fiber optic cable that would have weighed more than he did, if it had been made out of copper.

Last week the company held the grand opening of its new manufacturing facility located at 2561 Business Parkway, Suite F, Minden.

This new facility is an expansion to its Zephyr Cove location providing an additional 10,000 square feet of reliability and assembly space used in the manufacturing of optoelectronics products. This facility will include 11 current employees with an additional 22-30 future employees, according to the company.

Work has already started at the Carson Valley plant.