Grandview repaves project roads |

Grandview repaves project roads

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The developer of Grandview Douglas has repaved the interior roads and cul-de-sacs in the project.

“In order to continue protecting and promoting property values in Grandview, we had to step in and get these roads back to perfect, or close to it,” Steve Mothersell said.

The repaving was part of a deal worked out late last year between Mothersell and the Grandview Homeowners Association.

Located in along East Valley Road, the project’s original plan was to repair the cracks and chipseal the roads.

However, because the owners and the developer were able to work together to get the roads completely done.

The work by contractor Qualcon Construction was begun three weeks ago.

Mothersell said that homeowners are now able to work with Douglas County to determine if the community will be included in a countywide improvement district designed to maintain the streets in the future.

Homes in the project are being marketed by CB Select Real Estate, Shele Pandl listing agent.