Food in the time of coronavirus |

Food in the time of coronavirus

As a service to our readers we are updating this list.

Fast-food restaurants with drive-throughs or whose business consists primarily of take-out or delivery are continuing to operate, as are the county’s delis.

Call to order, or find out whether take-out is still being offered.


Chicago Mikes 775-392-1638

El Aguila Real 775-884-9394

Overland Restaurant & Pub 775-392-1369

JT Basque Bar & Dining Room 775-782-2074

Jerry’s Grill 775-392-2889

Saku Sushi and Grill 775-782-3302

Pho Chop Stix 783-8888

Jasmine Thai Restaurant 317-848-8950

Gardnerville Ranchos

Carson Valley Country Club 265-3715

Jethro’s Oven and Grill 775-265-2215

Grill Next Door 775-265-8841

Philadelphia Seafood & Italian Cuisine 775-392-3370

CoComoes Catering 775-392-0404

Slice of Heaven 775-392-3851


Genoa Country Store 775-782-5974

Genoa Station Bar & Grille 775-783-1599

The Pink House 775-392-4279

Sierra Chef 775-392-4417


Francisco’s Mexican Restaurant 775-782-6496

Louie’s Mandarin Gourmet 775-392-3664

El Agaveño 775-392-4136

Wild Horse Bar & Grill 775-782-7208

Fuentes Restaurant & Cantina 775-392-4265

American Ni Sushi 775-783-1112

Khristophers Ristorante & Bar 775-267-4809

Minden Meat and Deli 775-783-9999

Taildragger (775) 782-9500

Johnson Lane General Store (Pizza) 775-267-2265

When it comes to the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room, people still are expressing their love in the time of coronavirus for the Gardnerville icon.

While only serving take-out during the current lockdown, the restaurant celebrated its 60th anniversary serving Basque cuisine on Wednesday.

The building has been a fixture at the intersection of Main and Eddy streets since 1896 when it was moved to its current location to serve as an extension for the Gardnerville Hotel, the town’s first building.

While the hotel burned down in the 1920s, the JT survived as a dining room and boarding house. The business known as Springer’s Café and Bar was owned by the Rahbeck family who sold it in 1954 to John Jaunsaras and Jimmy Trounday, whose initials still grace its name.

The Lekumberry family bought it in 1960 and has operated it every since. After Jean Lekumberry died in 1993, the next generation took over, with Marie Louise and J.B. Lekumberry still managing the restaurant.

During last year’s Best Of, the JT won best Basque restaurant and the award was picked up by yet another generation, Anna and Etienne, J.B.’s daughter and son, who also spend time on Ranch No. 1 in Genoa, where they raise the grass-fed beef the restaurant serves.