Douglas bars enforce coronavirus rules |

Douglas bars enforce coronavirus rules

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Signs out front of the Genoa Bar encourage patrons to follow the rules so they can remain open.
Kurt Hildebrand

The sign in front of Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor said it all.

“Required for us to stay open, compliant and survive this,” the large orange signs set up in front of the Genoa Bar said. “We want more than anything to stay open and we need your help.”

Douglas County was not among the Nevada counties where Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered the bars closed, and proprietors in the state’s oldest town hope to keep it that way.

Eight Northern Nevada businesses could be cited by the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for failing to follow coronavirus protocols, officials announced Monday.

During follow up visits, Nevada OSHA officials found that 88 percent of the 73 businesses visited are now in compliance with required health and safety measures to slow community spread of the coronavirus.

A total of 147 follow up visits have been conducted. Officials opened a formal investigation at locations where ongoing noncompliance was observed. As a result, eight citations are being considered in Northern Nevada and one in Southern Nevada. A list of businesses issued citations will be provided by the division as the investigations are formally closed.

Division of Industrial Relations officials also conducted 46 initial observations on Monday with a focus on aquatic facilities, restaurants and gyms. Overall compliance for July 13 was 87 percent statewide, 90 percent in Southern Nevada, and 85 percent in Northern Nevada. Findings of these initial visits include:

Gyms, 18 observations: 83 percent compliance

Restaurants, 12 observations: 92 percent compliance

Casino/hotel pools, 5 observations: 100 percent compliance

Other pools, 4 observations: 75 percent compliance

Water park, 1 observation: 100 percent compliance

Automobile sales/service, 1 observation: not in compliance

Other establishments, 5 observations: 100 percent compliance

Since the initial observations began, 1,797 businesses have been surveyed with a cumulative statewide compliance rate of 80 percent, 86 percent compliance in Northern Nevada and 74 percent compliance in Southern Nevada. Cumulative statewide compliance over the period has moved between a low of 77 percent and high of 85 percent.

In addition to the field observation process, Nevada OSHA continues respond to complaints and referrals regarding face coverings, social distancing, cleaning and disinfection, and other areas of concern related to COVID-19 received by their offices.

Nearly 1,300 complaints have been received since mid-March. The majority of these complaints have been resolved through an employer inquiry and response process. In instances where the inquiry process does not provide a satisfactory response or resolution of the complaint, an investigation is opened. A notice of citation and penalty is issued to the business if a violation is found as a result of the investigation.

Since mid-March, Nevada OSHA has issued 98 citations resulting from investigations into COVID-19 related workplace safety complaints received by their offices. Of those, 44 citations have been issued to businesses located in Reno with an average penalty amount of $4,390. Fifty-four citations have been issued to businesses located in Las Vegas with an average penalty amount of $5,880.