Douglas registers ringing in May |

Douglas registers ringing in May

Douglas County merchants had a reasonably good May ringing up $63 million in taxable sales, up 6.6 percent from the same month in 2018.

With just one month left in the fiscal year, the county’s 3,798 filers are ahead of last year with 3.8 percent at $728.1 million.

The county’s largest sector, food service and drinking places, brought in $9.5 million, down from last year due mainly to an accounting change that split it from accommodations. That sector brought in $2.2 million, up from 0 last year. Combined the two sectors raised $11.78 million, which is down slightly from the $11.88 million from last year. Most of that is raised in Stateline.

General merchandise stores in Douglas, including two Walmarts and a Target, were up 1.8 percent to $8.7 million. Building materials, garden equipment and supplies were up 16.3 percent to $5.1 million.

Despite only having one small dealership in Gardnerville, motor vehicle and parts dealers were up 67.7 percent to $3.4 million in May.

Merchant wholesalers of durable goods were down 10 percent to $4.7 million in May.

Because Douglas is a guaranteed county, it receives the same amount from the state no matter how much sales tax revenue it generates.

Meanwhile, the county’s gaming win at Stateline was down 12 percent in June with $16.4 million. The Stateline casinos generate most of the county’s gaming revenue.

June wrapped up the fiscal year with a 1.79 percent decline in gaming win to $222.6 million.

Unemployment numbers for June showed a slight increase in Douglas County to 4.2 percent.

According to the Department of Employment, the number of unemployed went from 915 to 990, while the labor force expanded to 23,773.

Unemployment numbers do not include those whose benefits have expired or who’ve stopped looking for work.