Douglas economy on the rebound |

Douglas economy on the rebound

A dozen new businesses opened their doors in Gardnerville during the first three quarters of 2015.

That more than offset the four businesses that closed during the year.

According to a report prepared by County Economic Vitality Manager Lisa Granahan, there has been a net increase of more than 50 businesses since the depths of the Recession in 2009.

“Private investment activities in downtown Gardnerville, included the renovation of Sharkey’s Casino, … and the renovation of the Overland Restaurant and Pub,” Granahan said.

Both projects remade downtown Gardnerville, resulting in the demolition of a handful of structures.

Also seeing big changes was the Stateline casino corridor where the old Horizon was reopened as a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and Edgewood broke ground on a 154-unit lodge project, which is expected to open by 2017.

In Minden, the Farmer’s Bank renovation was completed by Chris Bently. Work is under way to convert the Minden Flour Mill into a distillery.

The manufacturing sector in Douglas County continues to be on the rise, with the number of manufacturing worksites up by 11 percent over the last four years.

While employment is increasing in Douglas County, it has yet to return to its pre-recession levels.

The average number of employees last year was 17,967, up from the lowest level in 2010 of 17,176, but still well below employment levels from 2005, which the number was 21,880.

Housing in Douglas County has grown by 1.8 percent in the first half of the decade, according to the Douglas County Assessor’s Office.

The number of building permits for any project has doubled from 988 in 2009 to more than 2,000 in 2015.