Douglas County taxable sales up in September |

Douglas County taxable sales up in September

Douglas merchants increased taxable sales by 5.9 percent in September, making a dent in the first quarter deficit.

The county’s largest category, food services and drinking places, posted a 2 percent increase over September 2018 bringing in $12.5 million. Formerly a component of the category, accommodations saw a 15.2 percent drop to $3.6 million. Most of the taxable sales in both categories are raised in Stateline.

The second largest single category, general merchandise stores, raised $8.7 million, up 4.6 percent from the previous year.

Building materials, garden equipment and supplies raised $4.89 million, up 15.3 percent.

Food and beverage stores saw an increase of 2.3 percent to $3.4 million. Merchant wholesalers of durable goods had $4.3 million in taxable sales, while miscellaneous manufacturing brought in 1.4 million, up 131 percent from last year’s total.

Because Douglas County does not raise the portion of its sales tax that the state expects would be required for its size, it receives $1.27 million from the state compared to the 1.13 million it raises.

According to figure released by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, precisely one more person joined the workforce in October, according to state unemployment numbers. The number of jobless dropped to 809 from 810 during the month while the labor force climbed to 23,603. Unemployment remains steady at 3.4 percent.

Unemployment figures don’t include workers whose benefits have run out or who have stopped working.

While the number of unemployed are actually Douglas County residents, the numbers of those workers include those who work in the county, but live elsewhere.