Decrease in taxable sales due to glitch |

Decrease in taxable sales due to glitch

It’s been a while since Douglas County has seen a double digit decrease in taxable sales.

County merchants reported $65.4 million in taxable sales a 12.1 percent decrease in July compared to July 2018, which saw $74.4 million.

The decrease can mostly be attributed to a $11.17 million clawback in the chemical manufacturing sector during the month. Douglas was credited for $11.2 million in taxable sales in the sector in April. Typically, Douglas chemical manufacturers do less than $100,000 a month in business.

The county’s largest sector, food services and drinking establishments brought in $13.2 million in the month. Separating accounting for the Stateline casinos that separated out accommodations and amusement, gambling and recreation confused the issue. Accommodations brought in $4.6 million, while amusement brought in $4.5 million.

General merchandise stores, which include the county’s two Walmarts and the Target posted a good month, bringing in $9.5 million, a 5.8 percent increase over July 2018.

Douglas unemployment was down to 3.9 percent for the month of August, according to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. There were 22,777 people employed in the county, while 919 were jobless.