County considers Riverwood delay |

County considers Riverwood delay

Riverwood at Topsy Lane in north Douglas County.
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It could be another 12-18 months before state and federal litigation between former actor Max Baer Jr. and the owners of the Riverwood development along the Douglas-Carson line can be concluded.

Baer is suing Douglas County, Riverwood Partners, Riverwood Redevelopment over the failure of the project that included his “Beverly Hillbillies”-themed casino and hotel. Baer played Jethro Bodine on the 1960s television comedy.

On Thursday, Douglas County commissioners are being asked to authorize District Attorney Mark Jackson to sign an agreement that will hold a lawsuit filed by the county in abeyance until the federal and state lawsuits are settled or decided.

The current agreement between the Douglas County Redevelopment Agency and Riverwood Partners delaying the statute of limitation on the county’s Nov. 1, 2010, lawsuit is scheduled to expire on Sept. 17.

Negotiations to settle the lawsuit have been tangled up in the state and federal lawsuits filed by Baer.

Approved in 2007, Riverwood was a commercial project proposed to be similar Clear Creek and Carson Valley plazas at Topsy Lane.

Commissioners approved a settlement that ended the $24.7 million redevelopment deal on Sept. 28, 2012.

As part of the settlement, the redevelopment agency paid developers $650,000 in exchange for ending an owner participation agreement on 4.6 acres on the Riverwood property.