Consuls get taste of Douglas technology |

Consuls get taste of Douglas technology

Shannon Litz

Five honorary consuls based in Las Vegas toured Douglas County last week, visiting General Electric, North Sails and watching a demonstration from Minden’s Global Sun Wind and Power Corp.

Company Vice President Ken Stokes showed a model of Global Sun Wind & Power’s windmill, designed to generate electricity without fuel and with a minimum of maintenance.

Because the windmill uses alternators instead of gears, it can be set up in a relatively small space.

One of their windmills has been approved for Sierra Lutheran High School, but has yet to be set up.

“All anyone thinks about when they hear Nevada is Las Vegas. The north is more diversified.”
John Petkus
Honorary Consul, Republic of Poland

“We’re ready to go, we just need fuel in the tank,” Banks told the consuls.

The windmills are designed for out of the way places in emerging markets.

“I believe this technology will come back to the U.S.,” Banks said.

The company is looking for $2.5 million in investments to produce their product, but that money has been hard to come by.

“I come from a development background, and I’ve raised a lot of money for a lot of things,” Banks said. “I’ve never had this much trouble raising money.”

He said the company has interests in Africa, South America and in the Pacific islands.

Honorary Consuls for the Republic of Poland John Petkus said he has tried to increase interest from his government in Northern Nevada.

“All anyone thinks about when they hear Nevada is Las Vegas,” he said. “The north is more diversified.”

He said a large trade mission from Poland is due in Northern Nevada to learn more about this part of the state.

The mission featured consuls representing Chile, Lithuania, Sweden, Monaco and Poland was hosted by the Northern Nevada Development Authority.