Auto business of 40 years changes hands |

Auto business of 40 years changes hands

by Sarah Hauck
Manager Tommy Lovell, co-owner Anthony Liscio and mechanic Austin Hickman pose with a classic Chevy Bel-Air Wednesday at All-American Tire & Automotive. They are located at 1415 Industrial Way # A, in Gardnerville.
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The rubber began to wear thin on John Cristl’s career as a mechanic at his shop All American Tire.

Just two months shy of his 76th birthday, the company he owned for 40 years changed hands, and names slightly.

“He (John) was still putting in 40 hours a week, and so the impetus of selling the business was a matter of deciding whether his body could carry him for so long,” youngest son Michael Cristl said.

The new owners, Jerome Etchegoyhen and Anthony Liscio, took over the business, did some remodeling of the Industrial Way location and reopened May 4.

With only minor changes to the interior and reworking the name to All American Auto & Diesel, keeping the All American Tire reputation was a goal.

“We kept the tire shop components, it’s not an emphasis so much any more as a focus,” Master Mechanic Liscio said. “I have a larger knowledge of European and diesels. I use to work for Chrysler as a diesel tech, so this is what is natural for me. Plus there is a need for it here.”

Being under new ownership has not hindered business Liscio and manager Tommy Lovell said.

The Cristol’s insured their customers knew of the change, establishing trust in the new owners and mechanics.

“Everyone has been really pleased, and wants to keep coming back,” Liscio said. “The Cristols tried to make as many phone calls as they could to make sure their customers knew they were leaving the business.”

“People have gotten to know that we have a really good mechanic running the shop and we don’t have any problems with finding customers,” Lovell said.

Working with a single mechanic and a journeyman, Austin Hickman, All American Auto & Diesel still provides the bumper to bumper service Cristol started in 1975.

Much like Cristl who was a motor home mechanic before buying All American Tire, Liscio has experience both under the hood as well as on the business side of things.

“It’s been a really smooth transition,” he said. “I owned my own business before in Flagstaff so I know the business. I had to work for John for two months to show him I knew what I was doing. Now he lets me work on his car.”

“The Cristls have that long-term name, and they weren’t going to sell their shop to someone they didn’t know,” Lovell said.

Co-owner Etchegoyhen has known the family for years, and they are confident the partnership with Liscio will “carry the legacy.”

“People in the tire and automotive industry are in it for life,” Cristl said. “It’s a vocation for life. They are gear heads, who love to know how things work and that is why we pay them to get dirty for us. We’re confident that this is a very amicable exchange.”

All American Auto & Diesel is located at 1415 Industrial Way in Gardnerville.

For more information on the services All American Auto & Diesel provides call 782-4802.