Ashland Park project re-enters pipeline |

Ashland Park project re-enters pipeline

Guiness Way in Chichester Estates would connect to the new Ashland Park project. A second connection would be on Westbury Drive to Cardiff Drive in Chichester.
Kurt Hildebrand

A recommendation for approval of the first 190 homes under a development agreement with Park Cattle Holdings capping a total of 2,500 sailed through the Gardnerville Town Board on Tuesday.

Applicant Matt Carter is seeking a tentative subdivision map, zoning map amendment and planned unit development approval for Ashland Park from the county.

The project has been on the books since the early part of the century, but had a previous tentative subdivision map expire during the Great Recession.

Surrounding Stodieck Park off Toler Lane in Gardnerville, developers and the county will build a section of Muller Parkway north of Toler.

Engineer Rob Anderson, representing the developer, said the new proposal is down from the original approval of 292 homes. The project includes three public parcels and a landscape maintenance district to care for a strip of grass between the sidewalk and a 6-foot wall along Muller parkway. Muller and Toler will come together in a roundabout.

The controversial route will be constructed with the first phase of the project along with a connection to Chichester Estates.

Anderson said the project would reduce the amount of flooding going into Chichester Estates. Water from Pine Nut Creek would go into a channel along the east side of the project.

Under the development agreement approved by the county last year, work on Muller Lane is required to begin in the next six years.

The county is seeking federal transportation funds to construct the road across Park property. A $20 million BUILD Grant was denied for this year, but the county can apply again in 2021.

The only criticism was the lack of rolled curbs in the project, which Anderson agreed with.

“Professionally, I prefer rolled curbs, but my client is adamant that there not be any variances,” Anderson said.

He said the project will be built in six phases, with a phase planned for every three years. Lots in the project range from 8,000 to 12,000 square feet.

Last week, Douglas County commissioners approved tentative subdivision maps for three projects.

Big George Ventures received a 3-2 approval on Oct. 1 for a 174-unit subdivision located on the south side of Topsy Lane between Riverwood and Center drives.

The approval creates 181 parcels with 58 triplex buildings on 14.34 acres.

Commissioners Dave Nelson and John Engels voted against the project.

The project is part of the North Douglas County Specific Plan, which while now vacant is planned for development, including 179 single-family parcels. The specific plan was last modified earlier this year to eliminate a casino and movie theater, which was approved in 2007 as part of the Riverwood project.

Commissioners also approved a map for a project near the entrance of Chichester Estates in Gardnerville that consists of 51 single-family attached parcels along Gilman Avenue. Another map created 32 single-family parcels on 9.22 acres at Dresslerville Road and Centerville Lane.