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Bunny Hoppers hear from Purina rep

by Jessie Johnston

On Feb. 15, the 4-H Bunny Hoppers of Douglas County met for the group’s monthly meeting at the extension office.

Discussed at this month’s meeting were the upcoming fund-raiser at Applebee’s, in which fliers were passed out, and the garage sale and bake sale that will be taking place in April or May.

Members weighed their rabbits to get an idea where they are in the process and discussed plans to get rabbits to their target weight so they are ready for upcoming shows. Leader Stacy DeVries gave a demonstration on how to clip rabbits’ nails and then helped members clip their own rabbits’. Vicki Gay, teen leader, also helped and tattooed a couple of rabbits in the club that needed that done.

The highlight of the meeting was guest speaker Sam Crowley from Purina. Mr. Crowley gave a slide show and explained all aspects of rabbit nutrition. He passed out pamphlets on Purina Rabbit Feed, how to feed rabbits and a rabbit feeding guide on how to properly feed rabbits so they get maximum nutrition.

We would like to thank Sam Crowley so much for taking time out of a busy schedule and for coming all the way form California to speak to us at our meeting. It was so informative and appreciated so much by all of us!

The next meeting will be on March 3. Members will start to learn about rabbit and cavy showmanship. They will take their rabbits and guinea pigs to the meeting and start having hands-on experiences with the animals.