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Buddy Poppies to be sold here

Staff reports

For hundreds of long-term disabled veterans in Veteran’s Administration hospitals and domiciliaries every day is VFW Buddy Poppy Day.

These are the men who assemble the poppies, tie them in bunches of 10 and pack them in boxes of 500 for shipment to some 10,000 Veterans of Foreign Wars posts and auxiliaries.

Sometimes the poppy assembly is used as a therapy program, under direct supervision of hospital personnel, to provide exercise for fingers and hands crippled by wounds, disease and the effects of old age.

“One of the most successful adaptations of the Buddy Poppy assembly program is its use as a step forward in the rehabilitation of psychiatric patients. The experience and training in concentration and supervised work in assembling poppies has lead to more complicated duties and eventual discharge,” says VFW Post 8583 Poppy Chairman William Schmidt.

From the time it leaves the hospital until it graces the coat lapel or dress of the individual citizen, the poppy provides care for the widows and orphans of deceased veterans at the VFW National Home in Eaton Rapids, Mich.; provides funds for veterans; rehabilitation services on the state and national level; pays for direct relief to the families of the needy and deceased veterans; and serves as a memorial to the dead of all U.S. wars.

More than 18 million Buddy Poppies will be assembled this year and will be sold by VFW posts and auxiliaries throughout the nation.

There is no set price for the poppy; rather, the price is set by the generosity of the purchaser. It may be a penny, a dollar or any amount.

The Buddy Poppy is a reminder to “honor the dead by helping the living.”

“So, by all means, wear the Buddy Poppy proudly,” Schmidt said.

The annual sale of Buddy Poppies is the only public solicitation conducted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

On Saturday, May 29, the Carson Valley VFW Post and Auxiliary 8583 will be in front of Scolari’s and Raley’s supermarkets in Gardnerville with the Buddy Poppies.