Boy Scouts renting CV Days banners |

Boy Scouts renting CV Days banners

by Vicki Alder

The annual celebration of Carson Valley Days will be held June 10 and 11. There is an interesting history behind this event.

The first Carson Valley Days was held on June 11, 1910, on a Saturday. The focus of the celebration was in Minden, and there was a free barbecue with food for 3,000 people. About 2,500 attended. Three steers were butchered and barbecued, 1,600 loaves of bread were baked, 400 cakes were frosted and salads were provided by the washtubfuls. There was also a parade. Several motor clubs from around the area came and the V&T Railroad brought a trainload of participants.

About 1967, Valley residents Jan Moore, Graydon Burton and Patricia Burton took old parachutes and skillfully made them into about 50 banners for Carson Valley Days to raise funds for the Boy Scouts. These banners were rented to local businesses and were displayed at the front of the stores for as long as 10 days.

Now, 160 professionally-made spirit flags are rented each year by the Boy scouts to businesses in the Carson Valley who are willing to support the worthwhile activities of scouting in the area.

If anyone has questions about the spirit flags, call Callis Ogles at 782-8659. Any business desiring to rent a spirit flag from the Boy Scouts can send $35 to BSA Unit 240, c/o Mike Chadwick, 1193-C Townhouse Circle, Gardnerville 89410, or call 782-5937. Boy Scouts will also be personally contacting the businesses in the area.