Bonnie Sullivan honored at national cathedral |

Bonnie Sullivan honored at national cathedral

Staff reports

Before leaving on a cathedral pilgrimage to the nation’s capital, Bonnie Sullivan of Minden collected prayers from dozens of fellow Nevadans and put them into a pouch she called the “God Bag.”

And so, at a special Nevada State Day religious service held March 19 at Washington National Cathedral, the bag was held aloft as blessings were extended to the people of the state.

“It was very important to us,” said Sullivan. “We turned it into a vessel to bring it with us for people who couldn’t afford the trip. We wanted to lift it up when prayers were being led for Nevada. It represents the people who couldn’t come.”

As part of its national ministry, Washington National Cathedral offers prayers for the people and leaders of each state on an appointed Sunday. Generally, each state is honored with a major observance once every four years, and March celebrated Nevada.

A dozen Nevadans – young and old and from both ends of the sprawling state – carried the spirit of the state more than 2,500 miles to attend the event at the landmark cathedral. The group was headed by Sullivan and Sabina Duke from Boulder City. They are regional co-chairs of the National Cathedral Association, the outreach arm of Washington National Cathedral.

“It’s a wonderful spiritual experience,” Sullivan said of the Nevada State Day event. “It’s being close to God in that beautiful cathedral.”

Sullivan participated as a reader of Scripture during the Nevada service, as did Ginny Hastings of Boulder City, president of the standing committee of the Diocese of Nevada. Duke bore the state flag in the procession opening the service.

Following the Nevada service visitors attended a reception sponsored by the National Cathedral Association.

The National Cathedral Association has 11,000 members from many denominations in every state and around the world.