Blind Dog hosts Fall Coffee Tasting |

Blind Dog hosts Fall Coffee Tasting

Anita Kornoff

You are invited to a free coffee tasting at Blind Dog Coffee Roasters, 1276 Pit Road, Suite 8, in Gardnerville from 10 a.m. to noon Nov. 16, .

“Don’t just sip your coffee,” says Daija Berumen, office manager of the store. “Learn how to savor every step of the process, from the aroma of the beans being ground to the actual ‘slurping’ experience.”

Yes, that’s an official expression used by professional tasters in elevating fine artisan blends. When you sip coffee, it enters your mouth and generally hits the front of your tongue, then the back of your tongue and then you eventually swallow it not fully incorporating all of the senses.

“There’s much more to coffee tasting than taking a few sips. Coffee tasting is in some ways similar to wine tasting. Come learn all about the fine art at this event.”

Bring your family and friends to get your taste buds rolling as you enjoy some delicious unique flavors and aromas of the best coffee from around the world.

“This tasting includes five unique blends in Blind Dogs’ comfortable newly remodeled tasting room where unique blends are always being showcased,” continues Berumen.

Demonstrations of the roasting, grinding, and blending process provides visitors with a full coffee tasting experience. This new space is also available for group meetings. A gift shop features merchandise such as mugs, shirts, hats and of course. coffee. Blind Dog Coffee is also available in single-cup pods if desired. You can even have your favorite custom blends made up in 12-96 count boxes.

Why is it called “Blind Dog Coffee?” Or, the “tale of the dog.”

The business was established in 2007, by founder Mark Berry in Reno. As a young child, Berry was diagnosed with a type of cancer that threatened his eyesight. Radiation helped him beat cancer but many years later by age 49, he was declared legally blind. No longer able to earn a living as he had done the past 30 years, Mark set up along with his family, to learn how to professionally roast coffee and establish a business. Family members worked alongside him as he learned to weigh, roast, process and blend the finest coffee around. When he decided it was time to retire, he passed along the company to his family. Ian and Yuliya Berry are now the Co-Owners of Blind Dog Coffee Roasters. They continue to abide by the core values Mark set in place offering customers a specialty high-quality coffee at a fair price while donating back to the community. The company continues to support the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and other charities. “Customers can rest assured that with every cup of Blind Dog Coffee, they are helping to give a child the chance to fight, the chance to dream, and the chance to live. Blind Dog Coffee puts a smile on your face and a wag on your tail.”

Blind Dog Roasters is open Mon.-Fri. from p.m. Complimentary tastings are offered to the public every other month. Check out their website or call 775-265-2176.

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