Betty Larrouy honored for 25 years of service to school district |

Betty Larrouy honored for 25 years of service to school district

by Joyce Hollister

Betty Larrouy, who has worked for 25 years in the Douglas County School District food services program and 21 years as manager of the cafeteria program at Douglas High School, was honored for her dedication Dec. 13.

“She works from 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every day, and volunteers the rest of the time, whatever she has left,” said Denise Higgins, head of the nutrition program for the district. “It’s quite something and shows how much she’s a part of this Valley and especially the high school.”

Larrouy was completely surprised and said she “bawled.”

“I was just overwhelmed with surprise. I was in shock,” she said Thursday morning. “It was beautiful. I’m still up in the air.”

Larrouy’s daughters Janine John and Julene Homer and her granddaughters Lindsey Marie John, Chelsey John and Kaitlyn Homer attended the event, held at Douglas High.

Also in attendance were former co-workers and current food service employees at Douglas High School and Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, Norma Villasenor, classified personnel administrator for the school district, Higgins, who is head of food services for the district, and superintendent Pendery Clark.

“Mrs. Clark made a nice speech, it made me cry,” Larrouy said. “Norma put my corsage on and congratulated me.”

Villasenor spoke about Larrouy’s service to the district and how devoted she is to the school.

“It was very, very special,” Larrouy said. She was given a plaque from the food service department, flowers from her daughters and co-workers, and her staff gave her a gold watch and gold purse.

Under her leadership, the DHS food services program gives out scholarships to students by selling Larrouy’s famous cinnamon rolls and lunch items during the annual DHS Christmas Fair.

Among those attending was Donna Peterson, who had worked for Larrouy and is now retired.