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R-C Exclusive: Bently issues statement on Minden demonstrations

While Bently Heritage Distillery owner Chris Bently didn’t call for a protest regarding Sheriff Dan Coverley’s response a proposed diversity statement, he reiterated his support for Black Lives Matter movement in a statement issued to The Record-Courier on Tuesday night.

“We did not call for this protest to happen in our town,” Bently said. “We have never been contacted by, nor have had any direct communication with a Nevada Black Lives Matter Group.”

Bently said the distillery property will be closed to the public on Saturday.

“We are not busing protestors to Minden, inviting people from out of town to the protest, nor allowing parking or gathering on our property.”

Bently acknowledges he and his family have been subject to personal attacks and his employees harassed as a result of his political belief.

“I stand by our support for the Black Lives Matter movement as a call to end systemic racism and unjust discrimination in our country and a demand for accountability when violent force is used unjustly,” he said.

Bently said rumors that he is seeking to recall Sheriff Dan Coverley are untrue.

County officials are preparing for demonstrations and counter demonstrations on Saturday after Librarian Amy Dodson placed a diversity statement on a public agenda for discussion with the Douglas County Library Board.

The statement included the line “We support #Black Lives Matter.” 

The Library Board agenda was posted to the county web site along with the statement, which prompted the sheriff to send a long letter that ended with “Due to your support of Black Lives Matter and the obvious lack of support or trust with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, please do not feel the need to call 911 for help.”

That statement was withdrawn the next day, and Dodson and Coverley met, but by that time it was making headlines across the nation.

The library board has indicated that they never voted on the statement.

Bently’s entire statement is linked to this story.