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Be kind to animals

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The 83rd annual Be Kind to Animals Week will be celebrated by animal shelters and humane societies throughout America, May 3-9.

The Douglas County Animal Shelter will join the national event sponsored by the American Humane Association.

The Celebration is to remind pet owners to spay or neuter their pets and get identification tags for them, and to promote pet adoptions. It’s also to remind the public that wild animals need everyone to respect and protect their environment.

“Celebrate ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’ by adopting an adult dog or cat from the Douglas County Animal Shelter,” said Rhonda Fingar, director.

The shelter often receives animals who are the victims of abuse and violence who are in need of homes.

Proper pet identification can be the difference between life and death.

“Please, for your pet’s sake, show you care by properly identifying them,” said Fingar. ID tags should include the owner’s name, address and telephone number.

Here are a couple things kids can do to show kindness to animals:

n Just like people, animals like to play everyday. Play with dogs, or throw a piece of crumpled up paper in the floor for cats. Your rabbit, hamster or guinea pig needs love and attention, too. Hamsters sleep during the day, so play with them in the early evening.

n Don’t share snacks with pets. Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs and milk can give cats a stomach ache.

n The water in fish tanks must be kept at the same temperature all the time. Keepfish tanks away from drafts or sunlight, which can cause the water to change temperatures.

n Set up a bird feeder to attract wild birds. Do this at home, school or in a park during the winter when food is scarce.

n Don’t feed squirrels, raccoons or other mammals because they become dependent on the food source. Instead, watch and see how they find food in their natural habitat.

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