At PHES Science Fair, everyone gets a ribbon |

At PHES Science Fair, everyone gets a ribbon

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Everyone gets a ribbon and a certificate at the second annual Pinon Hills Elementary School Science Fair, because the goal of this event is to teach children the scientific process, not pit one against the other.

PHES teacher Janet McDonnell, who coordinated this year’s fair held Thursday evening, said students in all grades from kindergarten through 6th took part.

They could have help from their families with their project, if they wished.

“Mom and dad can help,” McDonnell said. “It’s a great way for families to get together and work on the process. I like to encourage family togetherness on this.”

If students want to go on to the regional science fair, they are encouraged to do so, she added.

The PHES is fair is designed to help the kids learn to come up with a hypothesis, do an experiment that proves or disproves their theories, write down the results of the experiments and draw a conclusion of what they learned.

“They all feel good because they all get an award. Every single student gets a certificate with a ribbon on it,” McDonnell said.

Among the experiments was that of a kindergarten student who wanted to find out how to freeze water without putting it in the freezer. Another student wanted to find out if a ball placed in the freezer would bounce as high as one that had not been frozen.

One student has enlisted his whole class for his experiment. He wanted to find out which of the five colors of Skittles candy tastes best. Each student was given five, one of every color, and after tasting them, wrote down their favorite. He tallied the answers for his project.

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