At least we won’t starve |

At least we won’t starve

The Grill Next Door was doing takeout on Take-Out Tuesday.
Kurt Hildebrand

Images of empty grocery shelves bombard us daily, leading people to believe there’s a scarcity of food. This is perpetuating a vicious cycle of frenzied fear-motivated buying that creates those very shortages. The situation can only be rectified when we stop ourselves from “hoarding.” Just because the shelves are no longer filled with all of the items we usually need, doesn’t mean we won’t have anything to eat. As panic buying slows down, supplies are being replenished.

Conversely, while this sense of a food shortage cycle continues, we are being urged to support the majority of our local restaurants, which remain partially open. That makes sense because by purchasing take-out food now, we can help them survive until things return to the “new normal” (whatever that may be), when we again leave our homes. Our patronizing in this small way helps provide employees with the ability to continue to earn a living.

It is essential to know that “you will not starve.” We still have lots of businesses out there selling ready-to-eat sustenance who not only need but greatly appreciate your support. The following establishments offer a drive-through or take out curbside delivery (simply, no “dining in”). Call ahead to order and verify that take-out is currently being offered.

American Ni Sushi 783-1112

Bently Ranch Butcher Shop 782-6328

El Agaveno 392-4136

Full Belly Deli 782-5430

Francisco’s Mexican Restaurant 782-6496

Genoa Country Store 782-5974

Genoa Station Bar & Grille 783-1599

Grill Next Door 265-8841

Jethro’s Oven and Grill 775-265-2215

JJ’s Mexican Food 783-6700

Khristopher’s Ristorante 267-4809

Minden Meat and Deli 783-9999

Philadelphia Seafood 392-3370

Pho Chopstix 783-8888

Pink House, Genoa 392-4279

Pizza Hut 782-8167

Port of Subs 782-9505

Round Table Pizza 783-9777

Saku Sushi and Grill 775-782-3302

Sierra Chef in Genoa 392-4417

Subway Minden, 783-8050

Subway Gardnerville, 783-7260

Taildragger Café 782-9500

Wild Horse Bar & Grill 782-7208

Woodett’s Diner 782-0351

Also, most Gardnerville and Minden fast-food restaurants with drive-throughs, whose business consists primarily of take-out or delivery (including KFC) are continuing to operate as well as coffee kiosks.

Reminder: Seniors (over the age of 60) who need meals may pick them up at the Douglas County Community & Senior Center on Waterloo in Gardnerville. These are the same meals that would typically be served at the center when it is open. Meals on Wheels Drive-Up/Pick-Up locations are open from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday through Friday. North County Pick-Up is available on Wednesdays and TRE Community on Thursdays. Meal packages consist of seven frozen meals, snacks, fruits, veggies, and milk (when possible). If you are a senior who does not drive and are unable to come to the center, a family member or neighbor may pick them up for you. The suggested donation is $3 per meal. Thanks to Tammy and her crew for working so hard to help us during this difficult time. You don’t even need to call ahead, just pull up, and get meals. If you have never come to the center before, there is a short form to complete. Toilet paper and other household necessities may also be available for seniors who need them. For more info, call 782-5500, ext. 1.

Message from the Carson Valley Community Food Closet.

As the situation in our community continues to change, we want you to know we are open for regular service. We have altered our distribution method to limit exposure for our volunteers and recipients. We have also collaborated with “Backpack Buddies” to provide food bags (ranging from 10- to 12-pounds) of non-perishable groceries. Each bag contains enough items for seven meals over the weekend to families with school aged children. Please call with any questions 782-3711.

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